Drug Testing Facts & Myths

Passing a marijuana drug test really isn’t a mystery, although you’d never know it by all the wildly different information you find on the Internet. But if all those methods were as effective as people claim they are, then almost no one would ever fail their drug test.

But sadly, most marijuana smokers do fail their drug tests. It isn’t hard to understand why, though – we’re bombarded with an avalanche of marketing hype on one side, and a huge pile of questionable home remedies on the other side. So what are the facts, and what’s fiction?

Do Home Remedies for Passing a Drug Test Really Work?

If you visit any pot forum on the Internet, a significant number of threads are discussions about ways to pass a drug test. Lots of posters (who usually don’t have much time before their test) are desperately asking how to pass a drug test, and lots of well-meaning smokers are offering their advice – but are usually only repeating something they read somewhere else.

Occasionally I’ll see some advice given that I know to be true, but all too often it’s something that I know is absolutely useless. Unfortunately, most of what you’ll find on the Internet are persistent false ‘myths’ that continue to be circulated, year after year. Not every home remedy you read about on the Internet is false, but the trick is to learn how to separate the good from the bad.

Some of the home remedies for how to pass a urine test that fall into the ‘false’ category are niacin, Certo (also called Sure Jell or fruit pectin), vinegar and bleach. You’ll find detailed information on this website about exactly why these remedies and others don’t work (although you’ll find even more information here about what does work).

Sometimes there are very logical reasons why a false myth about drug testing may have gotten started in the first place. If you ever played the game ‘Telephone’ when you were a kid, you’ll know what I mean when I say a certain remedy may have started out making sense, but over the years it simply got distorted into something completely different. It’s understandable why smokers keep circulating these myths about passing a drug test, however. Wading through all the claims made by companies selling detox products can seem so overwhelming, that it’s tempting to take a chance on some home remedy you heard about from a stranger in a forum.

How to Pass a Drug Test With Detox Products

Judging from all the websites on the Internet selling detox products, it’s obvious that offering ways to pass a drug test is a huge business. Which by itself isn’t bad, really, as long as you know that a product will work. Some of them offer as much as a 500% money-back guarantee if you fail your test. That’s a great marketing tactic, but you shouldn’t choose a detox product based on that. After all, if you fail your test and they don’t honor their guarantee, what can you do? Take them to court on the grounds that their product didn’t help you with how to pass a drug test? Let’s face it – a judge isn’t likely to be sympathetic. I’m not at all saying those companies don’t honor their guarantees, but I’m just pointing out that you should choose a detox product based on the merits of the product itself, and not on any guarantee that goes along with it.

Once you start searching for ways to pass a drug test, you can easily be confused by everything you have to choose from. If you decide to buy a detox product, do your homework first to make sure that what you’re choosing will work for you. And even though fellow smokers certainly mean well, you need to know that most (but not all) of the home remedies you hear about simply aren’t effective for passing a drug test. I should mention here that I’ve successfully passed several drug tests myself, so what I have to share isn’t just based on theory. I hope the information on this website will help you cut through the confusion about drug tests, so that you can get on with your life and say goodbye to paranoia…!