How to pass a drug test depends on two things: 1) the type of drug test that you’re going to be taking, and 2) the toxins in your system that you need to hide. But hands down, the most popular illegal drug all over the world is pot. And unfortunately, the toxins it leaves behind last longer than just about any other drug out there. Which means that most people who are looking for information about how to pass a drug test are marijuana users.

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The information you’ll find on this website is specifically for pot smokers, and it all got started when I had to start taking drug tests at my place of employment. What I’ve learned about how to pass a drug test has been a real eye-opener, to put it mildly. Probably the biggest shock is how much money we smokers spend (millions!!) on products that don’t even have a chance in hell of actually working. Desperate people will take desperate measures, and the companies who sell detox products are counting on it.

There is no ONE detox method that will work for every kind of drug (regardless of any marketing hype you may have read), because different toxins are metabolized in our bodies in different ways. The method I recommend for passing a urine drug test for pot is dilution, but dilution probably won’t help you if you need to know how to pass a drug test for any other substance. For the detection times of drugs other than cannabis, see ‘Links to Useful Resources’ in the menu area of this page.

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