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[faicon name=”icon-quote-left” style=”color: #ff1f1f;font-size:20;”]Dee, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything – all of your help, guidance, support, and encouragement. You provided an absolutely invaluable service. And the email support you so graciously and patiently provided was superb. I said it before – I could not have done this without your help! ~ All the best, Melinda B.[faicon name=”icon-quote-right” style=”color: #ff1f1f;font-size:20;”]

Most of the advice being passed around on the Internet about how to pass a piss test is complete myth.

man smoking marijuanaWell meaning smokers, trying to help, keep passing around information that they read on some pot forum somewhere, posted by another well meaning smoker who read it somewhere else…

When someone gets lucky and passes, they’re convinced that whatever they did is THE SECRET to passing a urine test. And then they get on the Internet and post on some forum about it.

For that person’s sake I’m happy they passed, but they’re not doing you any favors. Because for every person who passes with this or that ‘method’, you can find ten more who did the same thing and failed.

That’s because every single person’s situation (and metabolism) is different. What may have worked for one person in one situation, won’t necessarily work for another person in a different situation. Will you get lucky if you do the same thing? Maybe… or maybe not.

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[faicon name=”icon-quote-left” style=”color: #ff1f1f;font-size:20;”]I was recently offered a great job but I was informed in my offer letter that I would have to pass a pee test within 48 hours of receiving the offer. I totally freaked as I’ve never had to do this and been a daily smoker for most of my adult life. Thank goodness for the Internet, and thank goodness for your book! Three very nervous days later (I took the test on a Saturday) I got the call that I had passed and they wanted to select my starting date!

I recommend this to ANYONE in a similar situation. Hopefully, they will have more advance notice than I did, but this absolutely works! Thanks so much for this incredibly valuable information. ~ Ronald P.[faicon name=”icon-quote-right” style=”color: #ff1f1f;font-size:20;”]

Big, Bad, Scary Dilution!

When you go to one of the big pot forums like or, you’ll see that there’s a lot of discussion about dilution, both for and against. For the uninitiated, dilution simply means drinking lots of fluids before your drug test in order to ‘cleanse’ or ‘flush’ your kidneys.

If you pay close attention to what you read on pot forums, almost everyone who claims they passed by using niacin, or Certo, or aspirin, or pickle juice, etc. will also mention that they drank a lot of water with it. Drinking tons of fluids, like water, cranberry juice, etc. is a very, very consistent theme in all the advice out there about passing a urine drug test.

But on the other end of the spectrum, you’ll also see lots of posts by people who totally failed their urine test by diluting. Some of them may have actually tested negative for drugs, but ultimately failed because the drug testing lab could tell they diluted. Deliberately trying to beat a drug test is a big no-no, and if you get caught – it’s an automatic fail.

So why am I talking about dilution? Because, when you do it right, dilution is the most reliable way there is to pass a urine test. PERIOD.

[faicon name=”icon-quote-left” style=”color: #ff1f1f;font-size:20;”]I was tested last Tuesday by my employer at Quest Diagnostics and I haven’t received a call from the MRO or a call from work. So in other words, Thanks to you and your book I passed!!! I am pretty surprised because I was certain I was going to fail. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write your book. I truly appreciate it! Without my job, my lovely wife and I would be screwed. ~ Mark O.[faicon name=”icon-quote-right” style=”color: #ff1f1f;font-size:20;”]

Detox Drinks & Dilution

Believe it or not, testing negative for THC isn’t very difficult when you dilute. For the vast majority of people, it works like a charm. The hard part is hiding the fact that you diluted. But dilution itself works pretty well for testing negative for weed, even when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

When you read the directions on any commercial detox drink, EVERY SINGLE ONE tells you to drink lots of water with it. The reason why is because those companies know the truth – that dilution is the only reliable way there is to pass a urine drug test.

The ingredients in a detox drink are mainly water, with flavoring and food coloring, along with sodium, vitamin B-2 (riboflavin) and creatine. The last three ingredients are there to hopefully help you hide the fact that you diluted. These three things are exactly what a testing lab looks at to see if you’ve been deliberately diluting.

A lot of people pass a urine drug test by using a commercial detox drink. A lot of people fail after using one, too. So what’s going on? Why do some people pass with a detox drink, while others fail?

It’s because detox drinks are a ‘one-size-fits-all’ dilution solution. If we all had the exact same metabolism, that would be okay. But unfortunately… we don’t. Detox drinks work fine if you’re a light to moderate smoker who doesn’t get high more than once or twice a week. For everyone else… it’s a crap shoot. You may or may not test negative for drugs, and the lab may or may not be able to tell you diluted.

Luckily, there’s an alternative to commercial detox drinks. You can buy the exact same supplements that are in those drinks, and do your own version of a detox drink. If you’re a really heavy smoker it’s best if you start taking your supplements 2-3 days before your test. But even if you only have 24 hours, you can significantly improve your chances of passing by going DIY.

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[faicon name=”icon-quote-left” style=”color: #ff1f1f;font-size:20;”]Passed on my test! God Bless you for the help….. It’s invaluable, can’t recommend your web site enough and have passed it on to fellow MJ ers. ~ Gordon C.

PS- I feel I owe ya part of my salary[faicon name=”icon-quote-right” style=”color: #ff1f1f;font-size:20;”]

The Pros and Cons of Dilution

There’s a LOT more to dilution than just drinking a bunch of water, or green tea, or cranberry juice, and so on. That’s where most people get screwed, because if that’s all you do then you can pretty much count on getting busted.

When you drink an abnormally large amount of fluids, it affects your urine. Not only will your urine probably be unnaturally clear, it will also have low levels of electrolytes and creatinine. Drug testing labs, and even some home test kits, can check your urine for these things. And if your levels don’t look right, you’ll either need to take your test over, or you might be failed automatically.

Lucky for us, it’s easy to find these inexpensive supplements just about anywhere, and by taking them you can make your urine appear completely normal to a lab. You can take B-2 to make your urine look yellow instead of clear, you can drink Gatorade to make your electrolyte levels look normal, and you can take a creatine supplement to make your creatinine levels look normal.

[faicon name=”icon-quote-left” style=”color: #ff1f1f;font-size:20;”]It’s me John again. Thank you soooo much for your response. I followed your instructions and had ‘negativity’ and bliss. Ironically, I’m a lab director who has supervised this testing, and I just relocated for a new job. Thank you again for everything and hope we can keep in touch. ~ John O.[faicon name=”icon-quote-right” style=”color: #ff1f1f;font-size:20;”]

How much of each supplement do you take? When do you take them? How much Gatorade should you drink, and when should you start drinking it? Unfortunately, there’s not one answer that will work for every single person on the planet. Everyone’s metabolism is different, and we all have different smoking habits too.

But you’ll definitely increase your chances of passing just by knowing what supplements to take. But if you really want to take all the risk out of the equation, read my e-book. I explain how you can evaluate your own particular situation, so that you know exactly what you need to do to pass your test.

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