pass a saliva drug test for marijuanaIf you smoke weed and you need to pass a saliva test, you’ll probably be able to pass if you just stop smoking for a couple of days. But there are exceptions to every rule. And what if you just got high last night and you think you might be tested today? The steps below will help you pass a saliva test without any problem.

Passing a saliva drug test is a very straightforward process, and not anywhere near as complicated as most people make it out to be. All you need is plain, over the counter hydrogen peroxide. It’s the same ingredient in most saliva detox products, only it works better.

Take me straight to the instructions!

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The companies who make saliva detox mouthwashes add a lot of unnecessary crap to them, I suppose in an attempt to make their product appear to be unique. But all that does is lower the concentration of peroxide, making them less effective. I often hear from people who failed a saliva test after using one of those expensive mouthwashes, so there isn’t a single one I can recommend.

You can find hydrogen peroxide in any drugstore and just about any grocery store, and it only costs a few dollars. And a common 3% solution of peroxide has a pH almost exactly the same as human saliva, which means it’s also UNDETECTABLE in a saliva test.

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Pass a Saliva Test

  • Brush and floss until your mouth is squeaky clean.
  • Take a swig of hydrogen peroxide and swish it around in your mouth very thoroughly, including under your tongue. It won’t hurt if you accidentally swallow a tiny amount, but try to avoid it.
  • Rinse with mouthwash (optional).
  • One last time before walking in to your appointment, rinse thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide.
  • The last time you rinse should be as close to your test time as possible. Preferably a half hour or less, but definitely not more than an hour ahead.

Want to Learn Even More About How to Pass a Saliva Test? Click Here to Get My In-Depth Digital Report, Immediately Delivered to Your Email.

If time allows, you can do a trial run at home and test yourself. The peace of mind is worth the extra hassle.

Saliva test kits can get expensive when you buy them from drugstores. But if you have the time, you can save some money if you buy them online. Here are two places I recommend:

Meditest: Xalex Saliva Test Kits, $11.65 each

Amazon: 10-Panel Saliva Drug Screening Kit, $11.95 each

If the only toxin in your system is THC then you don’t need to get a 10-panel kit. On the other hand it won’t hurt anything if you do, so if you’d rather order from Amazon go ahead. Both tests are equally accurate, so it’s totally up to you.

A Warning About Saliva Test Detection Times

Remember how I said up above how most people could pass a saliva test if they just stop smoking for a day or two? I’ve even seen some official sources give detection times as short as 12-24 hours. But the point is, we’re not talking about a lot of time here (at least not when you compare it to urine, where THC can be detected for weeks, not days).

HOWEVER – I’ve run into a few people who still tested positive on a saliva test two or three weeks after they last smoked. It’s extremely rare, but the fact that it happens at all is bizarre enough that I should mention it. So, since hydrogen peroxide is so cheap, and since it’s undetectable, there’s no reason not to use it – just in case.

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The above instructions are enough to help the vast majority of smokers pass their saliva test. Seriously. But if this is your first saliva test, or even if you’re just particularly paranoid, you’ll enjoy reading the in-depth report I wrote that gives you the answers to questions you didn’t even know you should be asking.

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Here’s just some of what you’ll learn from my in-depth report on passing saliva tests:

  • Hold-your-hand, brain-dead simple step-by-step instructions on the entire process
  • Detailed information about what goes on behind the scenes in a saliva test
  • Don’t believe me that hydrogen peroxide is the best remedy for passing a saliva test? I’ll explain why you’re crazy to think about using anything else
  • What you can do if you’re given random saliva tests and you absolutely, positively have to pass

I’m only charging twelve bucks for this report, and I’ll gladly refund your money if you don’t think it’s the best twelve bucks you ever spent. But so far no one has ever asked for a refund on this report – it’s that good.

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