The length of time that weed stays in your system is different for everyone, but there’s one thing you can count on – after every other drug is long gone, evidence of marijuana use will still be in your urine.

Ever wondered why that is? Then here’s an article you might find interesting.

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Water Soluble vs. Fat Soluble

Everything you put into your body, whether it’s something you eat, drink or smoke, eventually produces a ‘waste product’. These waste products are dissolved by your body into very, very tiny particles. The particles have to be small enough to fit into your bloodstream, so we’re talking microscopic.

You’ve probably heard the terms ‘water soluble’ and ‘fat soluble’ before, right? In case you’re not sure, it just means that something that’s water soluble is most easily dissolved in water, and something that’s fat soluble is most easily dissolved in fat.

And you’ve probably read that THC is fat soluble, which is true. That’s exactly why your body stores THC ‘metabolites’ (waste product) in your fat cells. Because that’s where they can be most efficiently dissolved, in order to be eliminated from your body.

Mother Nature Plays Cruel Joke On Pot Smokers

The average human adult body contains a little over 50% water, so there’s plenty of water being circulated throughout your body at all times. Which means that water soluble drugs (like cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, etc.) get dissolved fairly quickly. And after being dissolved, these drugs are excreted in your urine in no time.

But with the humble weed, it’s a completely different story. Unfortunately, substances that are fat soluble take a lot longer to dissolve. So the journey of THC metabolites through your body has to take a much longer and more circuitous route before it finally gets excreted in your urine…

Marijuana Waste By-Products Are Big, Fat and Slow

The human body is a pretty amazing organism, really. To keep you healthy, it will always find the quickest way possible to eliminate waste from your system. But ‘quick’ is a relative term that doesn’t necessarily mean speedy…

The fastest way for your body to eliminate fat-soluble THC by-products from your system is to first distribute them throughout your fat cells. This includes the fat layers which surround your internal organs. We all have fat layers surrounding our internal organs, or else we would die. So if you happen to be a really skinny pot smoker who thinks there’s no place for metabolites to hide, think again.

Once THC metabolites are deposited inside your fat cells, those fat cells immediately go to work dissolving the metabolites down into particles that are small enough to enter your bloodstream. And since one of the main functions of the kidneys is to filter waste products from your blood, that’s where the metabolites end up next. And, of course, from the kidneys it’s only a short trip into your urine, via the bladder.

There’s A THC Traffic Jam Goin’ On Inside Your Fat Cells

This whole dissolving process is something that takes time, unfortunately. So if you get high pretty regularly, a kind of ‘backlog’ develops inside your fat cells. And as long as you continue smoking marijuana with any kind of regularity, your fat cells will always contain some level of THC metabolites.

But it gets worse… if you smoke a particularly high quality of bud, then your fat cells will contain an even higher concentration of THC metabolites. Sucks, ‘eh?

This backlog of THC metabolites in your fat cells is why it can take a long time for you to get clean, even if you were to quit smoking today, cold turkey. If you’re a light smoker then there won’t be much of a backlog, and the time it takes for you to get clean will be shorter. But if you’ve got a big backlog of THC metabolites built up in your fat cells, then it can sometimes take a surprisingly long time.

Click Here to Find Out How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

Click Here for Step-by-Step Instructions on Passing a Saliva Test

Marijuana Detox Products: Can You Say “Big Fat Liars?”

The backlog of metabolites inside your fat cells also means that manufacturers of so-called marijuana detox products are just plain lying to you.

Commercial detox products claim to cleanse your kidneys and/or liver, or they may use a vague term like ‘cleanse your system’ (whatever the hell that means). But what they don’t tell you is that the backlog of THC metabolites in your fat cells will continue to be released into your bloodstream, and into your urine, thereby causing you to test positive for weed.

You can make it temporarily appear as if your urine is THC-free, by flushing large amounts of fluids through your kidneys. But there’s no detox product on the planet that can permanently get THC out of your fat cells themselves. For that, you just have to let nature run its course. You’d have to quit cold turkey, and then just wait it out.

You could use the most expensive detox product on the market, or you could drink a gallon of water every day for a week, and it wouldn’t matter.Those things don’t have any effect at all on the rate at which your fat cells release metabolites into your bloodstream, and how your kidneys filter those metabolites out of your blood.

So, any product that claims to ‘cleanse’ THC from your system is just a big joke. Anyone who could figure out how to scientifically control your nervous system all the way down to the cellular level like that would be a friggin’ genius, and would probably be off curing cancer instead of selling bogus detox kits…

I’m Not Naming Names, But You Figure It Out…

The ABSOLUTE WORST detox products are the herbal kits. There’s a particularly popular one (whose name I won’t mention in case they try to sue me or something) that in my opinion is just plain stealing people’s money. They charge $250 for a 30-day herbal detox kit, and of course you’re supposed to stop getting high during that 30-days.

Well guess what? The majority of pot smokers would be clean anyway after quitting completely for 30-days, even if they didn’t do anything – no herbal supplements, no drinking extra water, nothing. So you may as well flush that $250 down the toilet, because it amounts to about the same thing.

So What’s The Bottom Line?

The information above, about how THC metabolites end up in your urine, is a description of how your body metabolizes the waste products left in your body after you smoke pot. And if you’ve done any reading at all before this, you’ve no doubt heard many times that your metabolism affects how long marijuana stays in your system.

Unfortunately, your body’s metabolism isn’t something that can be changed in a hurry. It can only be changed over time (usually months), by things like exercise, nutrition, and even your sleep habits. But even if you dedicated yourself to doing whatever it takes to change your metabolism for the better, your genetics still play a big role in determining how fast or how slow your metabolism is. And your genetics are something that you can’t change.

The bottom line is, even if you do everything right, your body may still metabolize THC waste products more slowly than someone else who has the exact same body fat percentage, smoking habits, etc. That’s exactly why it’s impossible to predict how long it will take for someone to get clean naturally — we’re all just too different, plain and simple.

Click Here to Find Out How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

Click Here for Step-by-Step Instructions on Passing a Saliva Test

You DON’T Need To Be Clean To Pass A Urine Drug Test

I would never discourage someone from trying to get healthier by improving their metabolism. But the reality is, if you’ve been smoking weed pretty regularly and you’ve got a urine test coming up soon, then you need to get real.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, DILUTION is the only way you’re going to pass a urine test for marijuana. Go ahead and take useless crap like Certo and niacin if it makes you feel better, but just make sure you start drinking plenty of fluids a few hours before your test.

You might not have time to get control over your metabolism, but you CAN pass a drug test anyway if you’re smart about it.

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